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In keeping with its "Corinthian" designation, much of the business of our Club is handled by members -- volunteers.  Indeed, our by-laws specifically forbid employing members.

Presented here are some tools to help staff, board, and volunteers with some of the tasks of the club's business, from event planning to membership.  In the menu block, you will see links to perform common tasks, such as adding things to the calendar and checking the status of past and future events.

Some activities, such as calendaring, are confined to a few people, in order to avoid total chaos and to provide some ability for race management and clubhouse management to be handled in accordance with their respective flag and committee responsibilities.  


As we add in more tools, this page will be expanded.  In the meantime, here is a summary of the overall event management structure:

Scheduling:  Events that use the clubhouse must be approved by the Vice Commodore or his delegee, per the bylaws.  Events on the water are the responsibility of the Rear Commodore, in general.  Private events are handled through CCD, which has its own lines of communication with the board.  To get an event on the website calendar, meetings and private events are input by the CCD catering assistant (, while race, social, and other events are input by the webmaster (  Note that the website is informational only, meaning that if you have not cleared the event at the club level, you may still be subject to conflict.

Promotion:  There are numerous tools to promote your event.  Posters at the clubhouse, fliers, etc.  To get on the website, you need to directly contact the webmaster, as your message may otherwise get lost.  For your convenience, you may email the details of your event to, which will forward your information to the crier, website, telltale, club office, and flag.

On the website, you'll want, at a minimum, your calendar entry.  The event information should be compelling and web-appropriate.  IN ADDITION, we can add an article at the top of the main and member pages, to stay till some other article pushes it out of the way, and a 400x400 pixel "ad" on the side of the main and member pages promoting your event.  These ads cycle through like a slideshow and can link directly to your event, or to any other item, for that matter.

Signups: As on the prior site, signups are managed through a simple form that can have a broad number of items of information collected.  That form now appears at the bottom of the event, or can be linked to directly.  Provided that the right form was used, the results of event signups are available to event managers in a convenient layout, which is linked to as an Events Management List.  Where there is a fee to be collected from non-members, a CYC-only storefront has been created that may be used for that purpose.


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