Freda and CYC

A long history on San Francisco Bay

A group of CYC Staff Commodores has formed a committee to help save the Freda – an important part of Corinthian’s history for 27 years (1890-1917), including 23 years as the Club’s flagship under the command of founding member Commodore Joe Tracy. She is the oldest recreational sailing vessel on the West Coast.

Falling on hard times a few years ago, Freda was rescued (sunk in her berth in San Rafael) by the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, which has begun a full, keel-off, reconstruction under the direction of the Arques School of Traditional Boat Building in Sausalito. But she needs our help to return to the Bay waters as a living museum and a centerpiece for sail training and educational programs.

With CYC as the major sponsor in her reconstruction through the voluntary support of its members, Freda will be exclusively crewed by members on designated "Club Sailing Days" and in classic sailing regattas such as the Master Mariners; and will be showcased at Corinthian on special occasions such as Opening Day and the Classic Wooden Boat Show.

This is an important opportunity supported by your Board of Directors, to preserve an important part of our maritime history and reconnect Freda with the Club after an absence of more than 90 years. To see how you can help through tax deductible donations to the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center or the Corinthian Sailing Education Foundation, please contact any of the following founding members of the SAVE FREDA COMMITTEE – John Colver, Stephen Spoja, or Jeff McQueen/


Look for an "Open House" announcement, inviting CYC members to the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in Sausalito, to see Freda and learn more of the "Corinthian Connection."  An extensive reconstruction will restore her to seaworthiness after years of deterioration.


Freda, CYC's first flagship, is tied to the early years of the club. She sailed for 23 years with Joe Tracy at the helm.