Guide to this Site

Introduction and help has been reorganized to make your information access easier.  A few sections are still being brought over to the new version.  For a period of time, you may access the old CYC site at

Comments may be sent to, or you may fill out a trouble ticket.


The site is now organized into six general areas, based on traffic patterns of where people visit the site: Race, Dining, Events (Calendar), Visit, About CYC and, for members, Members.  The intent is that non-member visitors to the site can quickly find out about the club with the clear links at the top of the page.  Each area has its own sub-menu, generally displayed at the left, with area-specific options.

Members have been provided with a special starting page ( that displays activities and links of particular interest to those of us "in the club."  This page includes current events, links to the online forum, and access to the member directory and billing information.  Of course, links to back issues of the Telltale and signups for emails are included.

Event Signups work much as before, except that signup forms are now conveniently on the same page as the event.  We are revising the "who is coming" list, and you should see that back soon.

For Event Planners and Managers

There are several tools to help publicize your event to the membership, and collect signups.  These are referenced in the "club business" link.