Well, we are sorry you are having trouble.  There are several ways to log in to the website.You Can Log In With Your Real Name and Membership Number

  • Go to the login page.  On the RIGHT side of the page, you can use your name (your actual human name) and membership number.

You Can Log In with your username and password.

  • Go to the login page. On the LEFT side, you'll use your password and a username like "billw" or "fancyBoater" OR your email address.
  • Forgot your password?  Never knew it? There's a link on the login page, or here, that lets you ask for a special login link to be sent to your registered email address.

Logged in, but still cannot pay your bill?

  • Well, for added security and stuff our bill pay is handled by an entirely separate company under the direction of the CYC accounting department.  When you are logged in to the website, you can go directly from the member page, the front page, or any page (from the menu, under "members")  to the bill pay site.  Select "check my statements" or "pay my bill (I know the amount)" from the links that appear when you are logged in to
    • Your login will give you access to see your bill, but for payments the system will require you to set up a separate account.
    • One thing folks often have trouble with is adding extra zeroes in front of their membership number.  On that site, your number should be five digits, so, if your membership number is 42, you would enter 00042.  Simple?

Nope, Still Doesn't WorkBummer.  We are sorry.  For website help, email  For difficulties with the payment system, your only hope is the cyc accounting department, as this is outside the scope of what the website managers handle.