Kayak Program

The Corinthian Yacht Club is pleased to provide the opportunity to all members to kayak, or use other personal watercraft, from the CYC Harbor.  We had a number of very generous members volunteer to donate kayaks to the Club (be sure to thank members Pat Goss, Debbie Loeb, Annette Pocica, and Randall von Wedel when you see them at the bar). Additionally, the Board has provided a special kayak dock for launching and storing these craft.  Finally, the Club has a rowboat available for use by members.

  The Rules  

We're a yacht club.  So we gotta have some rules.  They are pretty minimal:

Rule #1 – Non-members (including children of members) may only borrow equipment if they are accompanied at all times by a member.  In addition, all non-members must also sign a Release Form, and an individual Sign-Out form each time they go out.

Rule #2 -  The youngest age anyone may be to borrow a kayak or rowboat is 15 years old.  However, if a member wishes to take out a younger person in the tandem kayak, that is their choice.

Here are the steps to using the Club-owned kayaks, or other watercraft.  A 3-ring binder containing the necessary forms is located in the Race Office on the lower deck, as are the paddles and life-jackets.


Step 1: Sign the Release Form

Before taking out a kayak, it is important that you read and thoroughly understand the Release Form (see attachment below).  Kayaking, and other waterborne activities, can be dangerous, and it is important for your own safety that you understand the nature of the risks, and your own skill level.  Please sign the Release Form and put it in the 3-ring binder. A signed Release Form must be on file before you can take out a kayak or other club-owned equipment, but you only need to do this once per member or guest.  

All use of the kayaks or rowboats is strictly at the members own risk. No-one on staff at the Corinthian may offer any instruction or advice about kayaking or the use of other personal watercraft.  If another Corinthian member offers another member advice or instruction, that is only between two individuals, and the Corinthian is not a party to that conversation.

Step 2: Sign out a kayak

Every time you go out, please fill out the Sign Out form (see attachment below), and place a printed copy in the 3 ring binder in the Race Office. You can either print out the online form here, or you can get a copy in the binder in the Race Office. Then, you pick up your paddle and life jacket.  If the Race Office is locked, please see John Nicolai, or any other member of the Harbor Staff to get in.  

Step 3: Go Kayaking

Have fun out there.  And be safe.

Step 4: Check In

Please be sure to return your kayak to the floating dock with all the other kayaks.  Please do NOT leave it either in the water or on the kayak dock.  Please hose off the kayak, your paddle, and your life-jacket if it got wet.  Then, take your paddle and life-jacket to the Race Office.  

Locate your Sign Out form, and complete your information, including approximately what time you returned.  


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