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Corinthian Yacht Clubs of the World

We certainly have our favorite, but it turns out that many clubs around the world are named for the Corinthian ideal of amateur sportsmanship. We have found 39 of them so far!

Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco
Founded in 1886, Corinthian Yacht Club is more vital today than ever!
Royal Corinthian Yacht Club
Since its foundation at Erith on the Thames in 1872, the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club has produced many fine amateur helmsmen and women, including National and International Champions of all ages, upholding its earliest objective; to encourage Amateur Yacht Sailing. Members of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club have been the innovators of many ideas, now accepted as standard. Its challenge to the London Sailing Club in 1893 was the forerunner of Burnham Week and it adopted its first One Design Class way back in 1895.
Corinthian Yacht Club Marblehead, Mass

Founded on July 7,1885, to promote sailing of small boats with a youthful and competitive spirit. Initially the boats were craft of 16 to 30 feet, smaller than the yachts of the day, but today the members sail yachts of all sizes, enjoy cruising as well as racing and own power as well as sailing craft.

This is the first "Corithian" yacht club in the US.

London Corinthian Sailing Club
The friendly London sailing club. Why not drop into our clubhouse bar on the Thames? Meet us and discover what we can offer you. Tuesday evenings are ideal. (Member Lesley Stanford visited and was very welcomed) We are a friendly riverside club based on the Thames at Linden House, Upper Mall, Hammersmith. We offer dinghy sailing on the Thames and yachting on the Solent and further afield, as well as an active social side including our popular Tuesday 'Club Nights'. We are an RYA-approved offshore training establishment and provide a full training programme, including RYA theory and practical courses for competent crew, day skipper, coastal skipper and yachtmaster. The club was established as the Corinthian Sailing Club in 1894, by a group of sailing enthusiasts who launched their boats from Bell Steps, beside the Black Lion pub and close to the Hammersmith and Chiswick border. In the early years the members were all men and used to meet at each other's homes to discuss sailing matters and racing. It was then discovered that a new member owned a pub closer to the City and meetings were promptly convened there instead. According to club records it appears that alcohol and sailing are constant companions throughout the club's 100+ years of life!
The Nautical Club of Corinth (Ναυτικός Όμιλος Κορίνθου)
Founded in 1971 and located in Corinth, Greece.  The Nautical Club of Corinth (Ναυτικός Όμιλος Κορίνθου), like many European clubs, has a heavy recreational and competitive swimming program, earning Olympic metal for the club and Greeece. However it also boasts of a significant sailing program including the annual ILC 40 worlds (King Harald of Norway competed in 1996. He placed sixth.
Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club
CCYC was founded on a Sunday in October of 1934, when the gaff rigged schooner GAVIOTA sailed into the new harbor at Montrose. She was from New England where she had been built for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham
The Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham. It's in Bellingham, Washington, and seems quite active.
Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia
The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia founded in 1892 is among the oldest yacht clubs in continuous operation in the country. Located five minutes south of Philadelphia International Airport on the Delaware River, the beautiful waterfront venue is home port for yacht club members as well as private party and wedding catering events looking for a maritime theme.
Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May
Cape MayThe Corinthian Yacht Club is located at the nation's oldest seashore resort, Cape May, New Jersey. A private organization, the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May (CYCCM) carries on a tradition of competitive sailing and family fun dating back to 1871.
Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club
The name ‘Seawanhaka’ is derived from a tribe of Indians who made their home on Centre Island. Seawanhaka was founded in September 1871 aboard William L. Swan’s sloop GLANCE anchored off Soper’s Point, Centre Island. As first officially recorded, there were twelve founders. By acclamation, Swan was elected Seawanhaka’s first Commodore. A half model of GLANCE hangs above the arch as one exits the main room of today’s Clubhouse, while private signals of the original members crown that exit. The new Commodore, a member of one of the area’s foremost families, served for many years as the Corinthian organist and choirmaster at the First Presbyterian Church in Oyster Bay. He was a round, jolly man who encouraged sailing tests among the oyster fishermen and enjoyed gamming with friends and singing well into the night aboard GLANCE, a bottle of spirits handy on the main saloon table the while.
Corinthian Sailing Club (Dalllas TX)
The Corinthian Sailing Club was chartered in 1939 to promote the sport of sailing and sailboat racing in the Dallas area. The club focuses on racing with well attended Sunday afternoon races, club sponsored regattas held year round, and several major annual regattas. The club is nationally known for its excellent sailors and fine race management. CSC, located on beautiful White Rock Lake in Dallas, also sponsors many social activities, teaches adult sailing and supports an active juniors program.
Corinthian Sailing Association of Lake Pontchartrain
The Corinthian Sailing Association of Lake Pontchartrain was established in 1983 as a non-profit club by a group of avid sailors, whose principal purpose was to provide a low-cost venue for racing sailboats on Lake Pontchartrain. CSA sponsors about 26 races a year, including 12 "championship" races in four series spread throughout the year to determine "Boat of the Year" honors. Other races sponsored by CSA include; the ever-popular Spring Starlight Series which attracts about 100 participants, a Summer’s End twilight series, the Around the Lake 46nm nighttime race, a single-handed, a skipperette and several cruises to such exotic locations as Bayou Lacombe and Ship Island. In addition to racing, the Corinthians promote the knowledge and expertise of seamanship and sailing through educational programs designed to make the sport of sailing safer and more exciting. Today, 20 years later, the CSA has grown from 20 members to more than 140, among whom are listed some of the more respected sailors in the Gulf South.
The Corinthians Sailing Association
THE CORINTHIANS is a non-commercial Membership Association of amateur yachtmen and women. Its primary objectives are to promote sailing, to encourage good fellowship among yachtmen afloat and ashore, and to introduce non-boat-owning amateur sailors and boat-owners needing crew. The organization concerns itself with sailors at all levels of skill and experience from circumnavigator to enthusiast and endeavors to offer opportunities for growth in seamanship and comradery. THE CORINTHIANS is about to enter its seventh decade since inception. It numbers more than five hundred members living mostly from Maine to Virginia, with large concentrations around Long Island Sound and the Chesapeake Bay. In addition to the central Association in the New York area, THE CORINTHIANS boasts four additional "Fleets" in New England, Philadelphia, Mystic, and Annapolis with local programs and interests.
Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association
The Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association began in 1959 as a sailing event coordinating organization. OCSA is an independent non-profit organization whose Board is composed of representatives from the yacht clubs of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. The purpose of OCSA is to encourage and promote sailing events with an emphasis on racing. OCSA works toward better community awareness of sailing, water safety, and appreciation of sailing as a sport. OCSA develops race management skills by providing instruction for race conduct and management. The planning of the Race Calendar, publishing of the Course Chart and OCSA Race Booklet are functions of OCSA. At the end of the year, OCSA hosts the annual Awards Party and membership meeting open to members and non-members. While its primary focus is on coordination of member yacht club activities, OCSA members are exposed to a variety of activities to suit their sailing interests. Members of OCSA receive the OCSA Race Booklet, OCSA Course Chart, special notices, and event invitations as a part of membership. Call any board member for information.
Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club (UK)
Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club was founded in 1935 with Oddicombe Beach being the base for its Beach Club House since that date. Soon after that time, we began to dig out our boat parking area on either side of the Club House and a first floor was built upon the original existing ground floor building which had been used as a store. Some years after this date, the Clubhouse in Fore Street, St Marychurch became the Club Headquarters, providing a base for meetings and social events which provided income to support the sailing functions.
Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle is one of the oldest and largest yacht clubs in the Pacific Northwest. With more than 500 members, CYC plays a leading role in sailing activities in the region. The club's facilities--at Shilshole Bay Marina on Puget Sound and at Leschi on Lake Washington--are focal points for major one-design and handicap racing events throughout the year. Conducting over 1300 starts annually, CYC is one of the most active clubs in the country. Members also enjoy cruising in spectacular Northwest waters and around the world. The club publishes a monthly newsletter, the Leadline, mailed to all active members. CYC is a member of US Sailing and the Pacific International Yachting Association (PIYA).
Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma
CYCT is the premier sailing club in the South Puget Sound. The club provides a fantastic blend of cruising and racing for boaters. Monthly cruises provide members and guests with great opportunities to have relaxed fun and talk about boating. CYCT has reciprocal privileges throughout Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Canada that allow you the use of many inviting moorages. CYCT's Racing Program offers the novice and experienced racer opportunities to enjoy short buoy racing or middle to long distance races. CYCT boasts the largest participation of any club in the south sound area and member boats participate in local, international, and Pacific and Atlantic Ocean races.
Yale Corinthian Yacht Club
YThe Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, established in 1881, is the oldest collegiate sailing club in the world. Located on a beautiful rocky cove in Branford, CT., the club is a state of the art sailing facility and home to the Yale Varsity Sailing Team. The fleet consists of twenty-four 420 racing dinghies, augmented by FJs, Lasers, windsurfers and three safety launches. Our sailing area is located on open water and boasts what may be the finest wind and waves in all of college sailing. When the Westerly blows in the fall and spring, waves regularly build to 6 feet and the team practices surfing their boats down the breaking rollers.
Stuart Corinthian Yacht Club
Stuart Corinthian is a year 'round club with a packed calendar of events. We're more than a yacht club. Members can choose from an ever-increasing range of social, boating and sports activities. Our club and marina are located in the Manatee Pocket, just west of where the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway and the St. Lucie River meet. With no bridges, we are minutes to the St. Lucie Inlet.
Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
BCYC is a private, full service yacht club, located on the waterfront in Newport Beach, California. We are members of the Southern California Yachting Association, the Newport Ocean Sailing Association, and other prestigious yachting organizations. We are over 400 members strong, and have been in existence since 1958. To get to BCYC, take the Jamboree Road exit from the 405 freeway, then drive south on Jamboree to Pacific Coast Highway. Cross PCH and go down the small hill to the first signal, Bayside Drive. Turn left on Bayside to 1601.
Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club, Channel Islands
Just before Christmas in 1975, a half-dozen couples sat down together to discuss the feasibility of forming a full-service yacht club in Channel Islands Harbor. In January of 1976, the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club was established, and officially incorporated on August 17, 1976, with founding Commodore Floyd Woodcock at the helm. PCYC officers, committee heads and club members routinely appeared at government offices in pursuit of our aim - a place in the county plans for a clubhouse and marina. We now enjoy the fruits of their efforts in our very own clubhouse alongside the Pacific Corinthian Marina. The Marina is a limited partnership made possible through the investments of our members, with the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club as the General Partner. The clubhouse and the marina were dedicated in January of 1985, ten years after the first meeting was called to explore the possibility of just such a clubhouse and marina. On February 4, 1989, we celebrated our 13th birthday by burning the mortgages on both the clubhouse and the marina!
South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club
In 1932 a hearty group of people sharing yachting and social interest founded the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club. They launched their handmade boats over the sands of Santa Monica Beach and had their membership meetings in ocean-front cabins. The facilities were minimal, the enthusiasm, great. A few years later the club obtained a small meeting room located on the Santa Monica Pier. The popular boats of the day were Snipes and Six Meters. These were launched by crane at the end of the pier. By the late 1930's, SCCYC had joined the Southern California Yachting Association and sponsored the first Pacific Coast Championship Regatta in Santa Monica Bay. I
Texas Corinthian Yacht Club (Kemah, Texas)
 One summer evening in 1937, Carolyn and Ernie Fay, Homer and Al Fay, and Bobbie and Boy Streetman dined at Will Voss' Cafe on the Seabrook Flats and decided that the time was right to create a new sailing club on Galveston Bay. They asked two more families to join them as founders, Tina and Dudley Sharp and Mary and Bill Farish.
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club (Conn)
The first commissioning of Essex Corinthian Yacht Club was held on September 9, 1984. The mission of the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club is to promote friendships within the yachting community, and to enhance our ties to the sea. We provide a facility and an environment of good fellowship for active yachtsmen and women. Our club is open to members and their guests eleven months of the year. Enjoy your visit to this site. Your feedback is welcome!
Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland
 Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland was organized in 1974 for the primary purposes of sponsoring sailboat racing activities on the Columbia River, providing social and networking opportunities for its members and the sailing community as a whole, sponsoring educational activities and programs on sailing, and promoting amateur sailboat racing in general. We remain committed to the concept of a club just for sailors, and primarily for racing sailors. We are probably best known for our sponsorship of the Oregon Offshore Race, the CYC Summer Evening Series and the Six Pac. But we are just as proud of our other events, the success of our members in races all over the Northwest (and beyond), and the other contributions we are able to make to the sailing community.
Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club (UK)
rpcycSet in the historic seaport of Plymouth, The Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club is situated on the waters' edge halfway between Plymouth Hoe and the Barbican. We have magnificent sea views over the Sound, with three city marinas close by. The clubhouse offers excellent facilities including lifts for the disabled. The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club private harbour where yachts can dry out, has a good slipway with a secure dinghy park.
Lake George Corinthian Yacht Club
For more than 25 years, the Lake George Corinthian Yacht Club has been a successful sailing, sailboat racing and social club operated by volunteers — people who love to sail and enjoy sharing their love of the sport. Whether you own your own boat, crew for a friend or just enjoy a day on the water, there’s a place for you in the Corinthians. Most of our members sail keelboats in the 22- to 32-foot range, and require from three to five people as crew. Experienced or not, there’s always room for an extra hand on board. Education is a central part of our reason for being; whether it’s our formal clinics or the knowledge casually passed from skipper to crew, joining the Corinthians is a great way to learn to sail and race!
Clyde Corinthian Yacht Club
Although mainly Clyde-based, the Club keeps a strong cruising presence on the West Coast with many boats based in the havens around Loch Shuna. One of the highlights of the season for local boats of all sizes is the annual Round Shuna Pursuit Race, which attracts one of the largest fleets to be found in our waters, all contending with unusual enthusiasm to win the prize. One may think that after all this is normal enough, until it is revealed that the prize takes the form of a case of champagne..... An additional point of interest about this race is that the Isle of Shuna may be left on either hand: the point in question is usually somewhere off Toberonochy, where the different persuasions meet - head-on. Fortunately for the losers there is consolation - the winner is only allowed to keep one bottle of the bubbly - the consumption of the remainder must be arranged for on the spot. Thus all may sail home afterwards in true Corinthian good humour. (There is some silverware and other prizes, too.)
Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club
The sailing club exists to help people enjoy both sailing and windsurfing whatever your ability or age. Anyone is welcome to join and sail at Axbridge reservoir near Cheddar. Although the club atmosphere is relaxed, informal and friendly we aim to provide a professional environment for sports. Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club is based on Cheddar Reservoir in Somerset. It is recognised as one of the foremost Sailing Clubs in South West England. It’s a great place to sail or windsurf with sparkling clear mineral water and a friendly, informal club.
Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club
The Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club was established in 1952 by the late 'Tiny' Mitchell as a club for local yachtsmen. It has evolved largely through the voluntary labours of its members to become a popular venue for both racing and cruising yachtsmen. It is the only club in Cowes that can provide marina berths and shoreside boat storage facilities to its members. The club is situated on the west bank of the River Medina, approximately half a mile south of the harbour entrance. The approach to the club by sea is made by turning to starboard on passing the southernmost pontoon of West Cowes Marina, when the club pontoons will be seen directly ahead.
Forth Corinthian Yacht Club (Scotland)
The Forth Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in 1880 in the Granton Hotel, now known as the Claverhouse TA Centre, in Granton Square and in the Wardie Hotel, Lower Granton Road. It is a self-help club and our motto is "affordable sailing for all". Members are expected to contribute to the functioning of the club by serving on Council, acting as barperson, taking part in work parties etc.as We keep costs down by doing most jobs ourselves. In 1895 the Club removed to premises in Central Edinburgh. In 1968,after an interval of 73 years,the Club returned to Granton Square, this time on the westward side at No. 1 which is the former Harbour Master's House and Office.
Chesapeake Corinthian Yacht Club
One of the most beautiful locations available to maintain a slip and cruise the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River
Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club
Looks like a fun club. Bet the Commodore sails a Yawl.
West Sound Corinthian Yacht Club
 The West Sound Corinthian Yacht Club is a nonprofit corporation that was organized and registered with the State Of Washington in December 1981. The objective of the Club is to encourage informal sailing, cruising, and racing for club members, and to promote camaraderie among those who share these interests. Membership is open to any person who has an interest in sailing, regardless of whether they own a boat. The Club does not have a clubhouse, so there are no meetings or work parties on shore to waste time that could be better spent sailing. There are two, scheduled, General Membership Meetings each year, to address business that requires membership approval (e.g. election of new officers for the coming year, amendment of bylaws, etc.). One is combined with the Summer Picnic/Uncruise and the other with the Christmas Party.
Teign Corinthian Yacht Club
 Situated on the south coast of Devon, Teignmouth enjoys a mild climate ideal for the enjoyment of the sea. As a result the Yacht Club has a long history. Teignmouth Corinthian Sailing Club was formed in 1886. 1891 saw the first clubhouse established at the end of the Pier which continued in use until 1946 when co-incidentally, and with the influx of members with 'motor cruisers', the club changed its name to Teign Corinthian Yacht Club.
Corinthian Yacht Club of Edmonds (Washington)
 Founded in 1980, CYC Edmonds is committed to promoting Sailboat Cruising and Racing in the Pacific Northwest. CYCE also offers field trips, potlucks, guest speakers, racing instruction and reciprocal moorage.
Wolfeboro Corinthian Yacht Club (New Hampshire)
 Founded in 1982.
Colby Corinthian Yacht Club
 The Colby-Hume Center, located seven miles from campus, is a 10-acre parcel of land with 450 feet of frontage on Messalonskee Lake. The property was given to Colby in 1991 by Dr. Alan and Dorothy Hume, who maintain a residence there. The center may be used by faculty and staff members for cookouts, swimming, croquet games, horse-shoes, swimming, canoeing and various other activities. Since 1986, a boathouse at the Colby-Hume Center has been used by the Crew Team and the Sailing Club. It was expanded in 1997. Woodworking and blacksmith shops located at the Center are used by students during January for Jan Plan courses.
Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club,
 Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club, located in Amityville, New York on the Great South Bay, is a private membership club dedicated to activities including day boating, cruising, competitive sailing, recreational and competitive swimming, and fine dining and entertainment. On September 7, 1900, the yacht club was incorporated, and on November 12, 1900 received the blessing of the (New York) Supreme Court. John Ireland solved the first formidable problem of "where to build the club" by generously donating the original land. Then, spring 1901, the present clubhouse was constructed with a large central hall and porches on three sides. To reach the club from Ocean Avenue, trees were laid as a base for a wagon road over the mud and grass of the salt marsh. There was also a boardwalk for people on foot, and a pipeline for the club's water (which nearly boiled under the summer sun by the time it reached the club).